We are now selling seeds!

YES, we are now selling seeds, at REALLY good prices. Our seeds are imported directly from an reputable, licensed international supplier. All seeds come in their original breeder packaging. We do not hold stock however import by-weekly, this is how we achieve our great prices – you might wait a few days extra however save 50% plus compared to our competition.

Be sure to check out our home page for the promotions – https://www.cannabist.co.za/

And the seeds – https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/tag/in-stock-in-sa/

Are local seeds any good?

The short answer – yes, local seeds are just as good, if not better than international seeds at a 3rd of the price and available immediately.
The long answer – Seeds are normally brought into the country illegally and reproduced with the exact same genetics, just under a different breeder’s name. So you won’t have the bragging rights of claiming it’s from “Sensi Seeds” or “Green House Seed Company bru..”, but the look of the bud, taste and effect will be the same. Local breeders also cross breed international with international or international with local strains (Same selective breeding process as international award winning breeders) to produce unique strains with unique characteristics that they can claim as their own.
Personally we advise to support local breeders as South African cannabis seeds are just as good as international seeds – Not only will you be helping to create local jobs, you will be getting excellent genetics.

Arjan Franco, owner of Green House Seeds Co in Swaziland – picks up that its their international strains being bred and grown.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujpCWMiQDWM[/embedyt]