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Cannabis Seeds South Africa: Weed seeds from around the world at the best prices! Buy automatic and feminized award-winning cannabis seed genetics in South Africa. Delivered in 48 hours and every order comes with freebies. Established in 2018, we are SA’s trusted local supplier of cannabis seeds.

Guaranteed nationwide delivery

From R65.0, we offer 100% guaranteed delivery or your money back. Fast, safe, and secure.

Original breeder packaging

We never open or re-seal breeder packaging so you get the seeds the way the breeder intended.

Feminized Seeds

Female cannabis plants produce flower buds or heads, which you can smoke, eat and extract rosin and CBD oils from. Male plants do not produce any flower buds. If you purchase feminized cannabis seeds, there is a 99.99% chance the seeds will grow to be bud producing females.

Autoflowering Seeds

Automatic flowering seeds, also known auto-flowering seeds or autos, produce a lower flower/bud yield. The upside is that the seeds start producing flowers/buds on their own without you needing to control the amount of sunlight or artificial light they receive.

They can be planted all year round.

High CBD seeds

We sell the highest CBD seeds available in South Africa. High cannabidiol seeds have been suggested to be good for a wide range of health issues such as insomnia, muscle pain, anorexia, and depression. View some of our high CBD seeds below.

Very High THC seeds

Looking for something a little stronger and an energetic uplifting high? Then high THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) seeds are for you. View the effects of each strain to ensure you get the high you are looking for in a plant.

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds contain the full complement of genetics that enables them to be either male or female.

Our regular seeds are only the best quality seeds that have their full set of chromosomes, and all the robust qualities that go with that.

From a crop grown from regular cannabis seeds, the best female plants can be selected to become ‘mothers’ – so-called because with loving care, they can produce potentially hundreds of ‘children’ over the space of several years.


Having been in the game for over two years, we have built up personal relationships with who we buy our seeds from and can happily guarantee quality as a result.

Our seeds come from all over the world – some of the places being Humboldt County in California, Amsterdam, Canada, Spain.. to name a few places and of course South Africa.

With access to a whopping 5000 plus cannabis strains, we have our work cut out for us. We sort though hundreds of catalogs and online brochures to select great genetics for the South African market.