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Start off on the right foot with the best available cannabis seeds in South Africa. Don’t waste time & cash! Buy cannabis seeds with proven results. We have been in the cannabis seeds industry since 2018 and have evolved significantly from being a one-employee company shipping from a garage to being a full-scale marijuana seed bank.

Cannabis seeds South Africa

Free seeds with every singler order

Every purchase comes with free seeds courtesy of Seedsman and other breeders. Not only do we give out free seeds, but we also include cannabis seed breeder merchandise! The more you spend, the more you get.

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Your card details are never seen or stored by us. All your personal details and orders are fully encrypted on Amazon RDS DB instances and will never be shared with anyone. We are South Africa’s most secure online cannabis seed store and take data privacy seriously.

100% Original seed breeder packaging

We never open or re-seal cannabis seed breeder packaging. You will always get the seeds the way the breeder intended when you shop with us.


Spend over R710 and get your seeds delivered anywhere in South Africa for free. All our cannabis seeds are packed in our stealthy, bubble-wrap protective envelopes and are transported with moisture absorbent silica to ensure your seeds arrive fresh and healthy.

Weed seeds in 48 hours

Looking for great seeds available immediately for shipping. These are the cannabis seeds we can deliver within 48 hours to your door.

Feminized Seeds

Female cannabis plants produce flower buds or heads, which you can smoke, eat and extract rosin and CBD oils from. Male plants do not produce any flower buds. If you purchase feminized cannabis seeds, there is a 99.99% chance the seeds will grow to be bud producing females.

Autoflowering Seeds

Automatic flowering seeds, also known auto-flowering seeds or autos, produce a lower flower/bud yield. The upside is that the seeds start producing flowers/buds on their own without you needing to control the amount of sunlight or artificial light they receive.

They can be planted all year round.

High CBD seeds

We sell the highest CBD seeds available in South Africa. High cannabidiol seeds have been suggested to be good for a wide range of health issues such as insomnia, muscle pain, anorexia, and depression. View some of our high CBD seeds below.

Very High THC seeds

Looking for something a little stronger and an energetic uplifting high? Then high THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) seeds are for you. View the effects of each strain to ensure you get the high you are looking for in a plant.

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds contain the full complement of genetics that enables them to be either male or female.

Our regular seeds are only the best quality seeds that have their full set of chromosomes, and all the robust qualities that go with that.

From a crop grown from regular cannabis seeds, the best female plants can be selected to become ‘mothers’ – so-called because with loving care, they can produce potentially hundreds of ‘children’ over the space of several years.

Seedbanks & Breeders

Having been in the game for over two years, we have built up personal relationships with who we buy our seeds from and can happily guarantee quality as a result.

Our seeds come from all over the world – some of the places being Humboldt County in California, Amsterdam, Canada, Spain.. to name a few places and of course South Africa.

With access to a whopping 5000 plus cannabis strains, we have our work cut out for us. We sort though hundreds of catalogs and online brochures to select great genetics for the South African market.

Barney’s Farm Seeds South Africa
Rare Dankness Seeds South Africa
Dark Horse Genetics Seeds South Africa
Humboldt Seed Organisation South Africa
Dutch Passion Seeds South Africa
FastBuds Seeds South Africa
Here’s a few of our Seedbanks & Breeders
DNA Genetics Seeds South Africa
Exotic Seeds South Africa
Mephisto Genetics Seeds South Africa
Medical Marijuana Genetics Seeds South Africa
Sensi Seeds South Africa
Dinafem Seeds South Africa

Are your cannabis seeds high quality?

One of, if not the most most important factors of cannabis seeds is genetics – to grow the best bud, you need really amazing genetics. Some breeders in South Africa will just cross a female they like with a random male and sell the resulting seeds for R20 – R200 a seed. A plant can produce anywhere from a handful of seeds to over 500 seeds, doing the maths, it is quite lucrative to sell these seeds as “premium” and pocket a bunch of cash. If you purchase these seeds, you might win the seed lottery and end up with an amazing result however in most cases, you will waste months of effort into an average plant. We only stock breeders take their time, often years crossing and backcrossing plants to stabilize their genetics, producing the most desirable traits of the parents. A stabilized strain will most often produce according to the advertised phenotypes.

What cannabis seed strains are available in South Africa

Before buying cannabis seeds, there are a few things you need to know to help guide you to find the perfect cannabis strain that is suited to your needs. Thankfully we have an amazing selection of seed strains available in South Africa and if we don’t have it stocked, we will import your desired cannabis seeds for you!

Seed Genetics

We stock international award-winning seeds right here in South Africa, sourced from only the best international breeders, including Barney’s Farms, Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Seedsman, and others.

Cannabis genetics are classified as either indica or sativa strains. Indica strains produce plants that are normally used in the production of medical marijuana because they have low THC but are high in CBD. Sativa strains produce plants that contain high THC and low CBD and are also used in the production of medical cannabis.

Our aim is to help preserve the pool of cannabis genetics for future generations and in doing so will provide the necessary resources for medicinal cannabis users to eventually grow marijuana and produce their own cannabis oil for the use in the prevention and cure of many medical ailments and conditions.