Helping our customer grow cannabis with ease

Welcome to South Africa’s first cannabis grow shop, specializing in manufacturing cannabis SUPER soil, fabric grow pots and LED grow lights. We also stock hand picked growing products, sourced at low prices, helping our customers grow big, strong and healthy buds with minimal effort and not breaking the bank

No-profit LED Grow Lights

Grow lights are one of the most expensive essentials and the biggest deterrent to getting a grow up and running. By selling them at cost, we aim to grow the cannabis DIY community in South Africa whilst supplying all the other items that you might need to grow cannabis. You only pay for the parts-at-cost from our suppliers.

Have a question or need advise?

We are more than happy to help, contact us either via our website or reach out to us and other customers and growers on 420SA Forum. Cannabist has a dedicated thead where you can post any thing you need help or advice with.

420sa Cannabis Forum

Turning our passion into a business

Cannabist PTY (LTD) is a South African online marijuana grow shop, with the sole purpose of helping our customers grow cannabis to its full potential with ease. We specialize in, and make our own bespoke organic, nutrient and mineral rich soil that fulfills the plants needs from seed to harvest, LED grow lights with optimal spectrum and output, lastly fabric pots that maximize the root’s mineral and nutrient uptake while providing oxygen and excellent drainage. We also stock hand selected cannabis growing aids and equipment from top brands locally and around the world at great prices.

We ship to: Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, George and Bloemfontein

You can be rest assured that as a Cannabist customer, you and your plants are in good hands with our experienced, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented staff. Feel more than free to contact us if you have any questions or need any advise – [email protected]

Everything you need to know to grow big, healthy cannabis

Our products are designed and selected to ensure growing is as easy as possible however there are really so many things that can effect a grow like cannabis strain and genetics, factors related to geographical location within South Africa such as day light and humidity in Cape Town vs Johannesburg. It’s ultimately up to you to decipher what best advise applies to you and your plants as every grow is different.